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I want every school to perform at C or better.  Currently 50% of our schools are rated D or F. Unacceptable. 


With more than half of third graders not reading on grade level and the on-time graduation rate of 68.6%, I will support literacy coaches at every elementary school in the district.  There is a significant connection between reading on grade level in third grade and future academic success.   

I will support policies that would provide access to career and vocational courses for students who are not interested in attending college after high school. I will promote a dual enrollment program for high school students who are interested in college, encouraging them to get college credits while in high school.  I believe this will allow students to stay involved and interested in high school knowing it is beneficial for their future. As a result, we will have an improved graduation rate and on-time graduation rate. This will elevate the future workforce of our city.

Early learning

I will fight for universal Pre-K for all kids and to make quality Early Childhood Education a priority. These programs should provide a fun and safe environment for children to learn. The brain is a sponge and children have a thirst for knowledge. The greatest amount of brain development is from birth to age 5-6. The sooner children can be in a learning environment, the better their potential for continued success. 


I will work to ensure that every family has easy access to an excellent school/program. Currently, parents must apply and/or test for gifted/talented or magnet programs to secure placement in a high performing school. This process should be easier and should not be the only option for a quality education. A few years ago, I spent an entire day trying to navigate this system to enroll my grandson in a magnet program. I recognize I was fortunate to be able to take off work to tackle this complicated process. However, I also know that many parents are not able to take a day off work and devote themselves to enrolling their children in these programs. Rather, they must ‘settle’ for a traditional school that is likely rated as a D or F school.  I believe every family should have access to high performing schools without having to navigate a complicated and time-consuming enrollment process. 

Fiscal Responsibility

I will make sound, fiscally responsible decisions for spending to improve the budget allowing EBR to retain effective teachers as well as attracting new teachers. I believe that qualified teachers are one of the most important factors in creating quality schools. As an EBR School Board member, I will advocate for competitive pay for teachers and staff. I will also support implementing policies and spending that support staff development and other resources needed to be effective in the classroom.

Community Engagement

I will work to improve community engagement by expanding opportunities for participation in shaping public education and encourage business and industry to partner with the schools to provide students with real life learning opportunities, potential vocational training, and/or internships for students.  

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